The Real Poker website offers a smooth experience with minimal lag while loading. A slow website presents a third-rate user experience since gamers tend to lack the patience to watch a slow-loading website open. When you click on the website, you enter their landing page which is beautifully designed. The sign-up process is automated and takes a few minutes to fill out. No personal information was requested by the website when joining. This is an assurance that the Real Poker network has no hidden agendas such as data mining users’ information.

Real poker uses Bitcoin deposits to

Real poker uses Bitcoin deposits to make payments for wins made on the site. To play the various games available, a deposit in the form of Bitcoins is made for purchasing chips. The site offers Bitcoins worth $59 for all new users as incentive to kick-start their journey as players. Having no initial deposit fee to start gaming sets apart the Real Poker network as an ideal online gaming platform. The fact that online gaming sites demand a deposit is made before users can access their gaming options limits the number of new users. With Real Poker, their site covers the expenses of your first game, giving you a taste of what they have to offer.

Features of Real Poker

Playing real poker is a simple process that does not require players to download a dedicated application. To access their site, you only need to key in ‘Realpokernet’ on your search bar, and it will be the first search result that pops up on your browser. Downloading an app to play a game is a tiresome process that most players would love to avoid. By offering this ease of access, Real Poker has been gaining popularity with new players looking for a venue to play online poker. The site offered by Real Poker can be opened with both your home computer and your mobile phone browser.

A referral fee of 25% is assured for any new member that a user invites through his link. This offers a way to make more on the site by giving you an incentive to invite your friends to join Real Poker. Habitual gamers that prefer gaming on computers have the added benefit of downloading a free software version of the game. The software promises a smoother gaming experience for online gamers without necessarily resorting to using a browser. With the software installed and a shortcut icon on your computer desktop page, you can access Real Poker with great ease.