Poker is played for money and this makes it be classified as gambling but it is a game of skills because those who win have to use skills to achieve that. This is a game that is dominated mainly by skills when you are playing it. Luck takes only a small percentage of the game as you will need to employ wits to stay in the game for long and eventually win.

Those who view poker as a gambling game are those who cannot decide whether you need skills to be successful in the game but the truth of the matter is that you cannot define the game. Every round of the cards are randomly dealt with and here is where the type of card you get purely relies on luck bringing out the game of chance aspect of poker. The players have to know which type of game to play against their opponents, whether a tight or loose one, which cards to release and those to hold on. These decisions are the ones that make them good or bad players hence bringing out the skill aspect of the game.

Any game out here even football,

Due to these two aspects of poker coming out clearly and being integral to the game, there exists an argument among people who hold different views with some wanting poker regulated. No legal action has been taken because of the lack of a definite description of which type it falls under. Most authorities view poker as gambling and want it regulated. Some online games are prohibited in the USA with some poker websites deleted as they are seen as a game of luck.

Any game out here even football, the aspect of the skill is usually there but you cannot deny that luck does play a part in the results. There are characteristics of poker that make it be viewed as a gambling game mostly when the money part of it is put into perspective. Gambling is the risking of assets even if the chances of winning are low, and in this case, the risk is considered exciting by those participating.

Poker Is Both A Gambling And Game Of Skill

In poker, you get to like the risk involved in losing or getting even if you are not skilled because you like the adrenaline rush that comes with it as you play just for fun. There also exist professionals who cannot be considered as gamblers because they use skills and wits to make the odds of winning on their side. The odds, in this case, are that the experts will win the money staked. At the bottom of it all, people who play poker do not have such professional levels and this gets poker to be classified as poker.

This is gambling but poker is not completely right to classify any game as a game of chance or skill because all games are a mixture of the two. However, if you play poker the right way, you will see participating as fit to be classified as a game of skills and a lot of luck involved hence cannot confine poker to a certain definition.