Several people and research have insisted that poker is more of a skills game than a chance game. The gambling game however involves some luck and also some skill. In poker, competitors bet against each other with based on the value of the hand they are dealt. There are claims that winning in poker is based on chance because they are played in the casino where many other chance games are paid. It is believed that there is more to playing poker than just dealing and hoping you would win.

The chance element of the game is the random hand you are dealt which will determine if you are going to win the hand. You need skill to win much with the hand you are dealt. Though luck is involved but you need tactics and game plan to win when you are handed unfavorable cards. When you are dealing just hundreds of hands, you can depend on luck nevertheless when you win over a hundred thousand games, skill is definitely involved. All contenders will be dealt good and bad hands yet skill will give a player the winning edge over a period of time.

Research has shown that you can

Poker is more of a skill’s game because unlike other Casino games, you have to play against other people not the house. The implication of this is that you can study your opponents, know their mistakes and take advantage of them. Casinos do not directly make profits on the outcome of a poker game so they do little to nothing to influence the game. It all depends on how well the players can outwit themselves. To win at poker, bluffing is important because you win more when you can manipulate your weak opponent to fold a better hand.

Research has shown that you can predict performances in the game. If it was more of a chance game, then predicting performances would be impossible. Good players can remain good for a long time but bad players do not become better and transform into star players in a short time. Competitors who are skilled and disciplined win more than those who are not.

Poker is more of Skill than Luck

For a game to be totally based on chance, people cannot lose such games intentionally as there would still be a possibility of winning but with poker, you can decide to play to lose just by folding every hand preflop. Though most participants would not do this, but it shows that the decisions made by players are very important to the outcome of the game. A research was carried out that shows that participants who were given instructions before the game did better than those who were not given.

Predicting the outcome of a game based on dealt random hands is the reason poker is regarded as a skills game. Professional contenders can analyze their cards and their opponents before taking decisions on what to play. The way the opponent plays also goes a long way to determine the outcome of the game. And, you can’t categorize poker with other gambling card games because you can be trained and graduate from a novice to an expert player.