Cards have been a source of entertainment for people for a long period of time. From magicians who use them cunningly to the amazement of crowds to the king of the decks who are professional card players, the fun has never grown old. Experts who play cards to earn a few bucks or as a source of living are known as gamblers and poker is at the center of all card gambling. In casinos, it is not unusual to find a large group of men and women seated together while playing their hearts out; the game being poker. Nevertheless, amateurs have considered poker as being hard to learn, why is it so?

Poker is a game that requires

Poker is a game that requires a great amount of skill. Beginners may find poker a difficult game since each game situation is different with each passing hand or person. Experience is the best way to get a good grasp on poker and professional players have advised people not to depend on books to learn poker but to try the game and learn it as you progress. Poker does not require a rash player since moves in this game are expertly calculated or else you will be a serial loser. Learning poker is difficult because it requires a beginner to put a lot of devotion, time, and practice in order to learn the game fully.

This game has several rules and

This game has several rules and it is not shy of adding more to avoid ambiguity in the game and to make your poker experience more exciting. A good example is the three betting rule which has significantly changed over time. About a decade ago, you had to have aces to place a three-bet. Currently, you only need to raise after someone has raised a three-bet to place yours. Bluffs were always taken seriously but now you may bluff and your opponents may refuse to believe you. These changes make learning poker difficult because you have to know the old ways and update yourself with the current ones.

Why poker is difficult to learn

The poker game is a mentally challenging game and beginners may have a hard time adapting to this concept. As an amateur player, you have to learn to handle the pressure which is a far cry from other games that require a little excitement and pressure. This calm pose is important because poker mainly entails placing stakes which at times may run up to high amounts of money. No newbie is also taught how to bounce back after a loss and this can be stressful because you have to figure it out for yourself. Apart from learning it from online tutorials or from reading books, you have to be good at reading the minds of your opponents and this makes it even difficult to learn for beginners.

There are different types of poker and each type has its own special rules. From Texas hold em’, five-card draw, seven-card stud, Chinese poker and Razz, their slightly different rules may be confusing to new learners. A rule which applies to one branch may not, however, apply to another branch. Different people also play the different types of poker and your grasp will depend on your teacher. Learning the rules of all these poker types is a hard job for any beginner and even pro players.

Bidding which is the staking of money before a poker game requires practice and skill. As a player, you are required to analyze your cards and know your chances after the game has begun. Pro players have mastered this act and even from weak cards, they have been known to turn the tables on opponents who had stronger cards. It is much advisable that you should be good at taking risks and reducing or withdrawing in case the odds are against you. This aspect is not a one-day affair and it is learned over a long period of time making learning poker even more difficult.

From all the observations above, it is clear that learning poker isn’t a walk in the park. As a newbie in this field, your mental intelligence and devotion will be tested to their limits. Pro players who have played poker for more than fifty years have admitted that they are still learning the game and have accused the changing rules and trends of poker as the main reason. Although it is obvious that learning poker may be difficult, newbies are encouraged to take a special interest in this game and the results will be welcoming, you may be the new poker pro in town!